How to avoid the dreaded caffeine crash

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How to avoid the dreaded caffeine crash

Caffeine is one of the most popular stimulants in the world. It is commonly used to increase alertness and energy levels, which is why it's found in many beverages like coffee, tea, sodas and energy drinks. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system by blocking adenosine receptors. This results in increased production of dopamine and adrenaline, which can cause an energy caffeine crash. Too much of it can also lead to an energy crash - a feeling of fatigue and drowsiness.

The best way to avoid this crash is to have a snack before or after consuming caffeine. A study done by Cornell University found that having a small snack before consuming caffeine prevented feelings of tiredness and fatigue from occurring afterward. A snack helps to avoid this crash because it contains glucose, which is the brain’s favorite fuel. This will help you stay awake and energized for longer periods of time.

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