My First Real Recipe

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My First Real Recipe

For a long time I thought that coffee was, well...terrible.  But wait, let me explain.  I had tried coffee without cream, sugar, or anything to enhance its flavor.  How naive.  

Today, I compare  black coffee to unsweet tea, Kool-aid without sugar, or bitter lemonade.  Once I realized this, I began to recognize all the additions that we use to enhance our drinks. With this revelation, I returned back to my coffee, ready to season it to my liking. 

First off, I started off with our Caramel Chill selection. Using my Keurig, I then added Almond Milk, Honey, and Cinnamon.  When I took a quick sip afterwards, it was like my eyes were finally opened. Bam!

Now I realize that many of you coffee aficionados out there may chuckle at how simple my recipe, but it's like a new world opened up to me. Be patient with me as I continue on this coffee journey In closing, Many of you have been creating your own personal recipes for years.  I'd love to try them myself.  To send me your recipe, click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page.  Im anxious to read all your recipes. 

Until next time...Coffee Lovers Unite!

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