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June 2022,

Hi, my name is Joel, and I'm the owner of Blend Roast Grind Coffee Club.  For years whenever someone would mention coffee, I would discreetly make a disgusted face.  Then one day everything changed.

I had to study for a very difficult work-required certification, and found myself exhausted and unfocused while attempting to study.  After trying so many things, my final solution was... well coffee. I figured that I could bare the taste, if it meant keeping me awake. My neighbor made me a silky French Vanilla cappuccino, and I'll just say that he forever changed my opinion of coffee.  Not to mention, I was able to stay awake and focus on studying. Pretty soon after i decide that my previous thought about coffee were all wrong.  

That change of heart birthed Blend Roast Grind Coffee Club. I'm a self-described "Coffee Novice", but I invite you to join me as I take a deep dive into all the Coffee.  Coffee Lovers Unite!

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