The Re-usable Pod

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The Re-usable Pod

Hi again everyone.  My initial introduction to the world of coffee started with a Keurig and a selection of K-cups.  They were located in the break-room of my former employer, and stacked to the ceiling. I appreciated the single-serving design, and effortless cleanup.  Actually to be honest, this is the only way I've made coffee, despite the availability of the French-Press, and the more traditional coffee pot and filter.  

Now that I've fully swung open the door to the coffee world, I've realized a couple things.  One, coffee pods generally aren't that fresh.  Who knows, how long that pods has been sitting in a warehouse before consumptions.  Second, you can't really adjust the potency of each brew, outside of adding more or less water.  What if i'd like a large strong cup?  How many pods do I have to use?  Whats my solution, Refillable Coffee Pods.Re-usable Coffee Pod

With this option, I'm able dictate the freshness of my coffee, and its potency. There's minimal clean up, and they pods are dishwasher safe. At the end of the day, minimal coffee makes me enjoy my coffee even more.  I hope that this help make your coffee experience more enjoyable.  Until next time...Coffee Lovers Unite!

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